BoM to cut staff to all regional stations except Cairns

THE Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) plans to cut staff from almost all its regional stations across Australia over the next five years. 

The Cairns station will be the only location spared as over 30 employees in 24 regional stations face the axe, according to the ABC.

BoM Western Australia regional director Mike Bergin said the bureau plans to relocate staff who are willing to move. 

"The plan is to redeploy as many people as want to be in other parts of the network, so there will be no forced redundancies," he said.

Staff who do not want to move to capital cities or Cairns will be offered redundancies.

The cuts will occur over the next five years, following a review of staff in BoM's 2015 strategic plan.

Observations at the regional stations will become automated.

Many smaller stations only employ one staff member, with most observation processes already automated.

Those will become completely automatic and de-staffed within the next two years, while larger stations will be de-staffed in five years. 

"Over the next five years we'll essentially de-staff about 24 of the field stations across Australia, and consolidate our staff into activity hubs, as we're calling them," Mr Bergin told the ABC.

"And they'll be based either in the capital cities, and there will also be one in Cairns."