House Rules 2014 contestants Bomber and Mel.
House Rules 2014 contestants Bomber and Mel. Channel 7

Bomber and Mel evicted from House Rules

BOMBER and Mel bombed out of House Rules last night.

The Adelaide couple struggled with the renovation show's 24-hour "fix up" challenge, failing to impress the judges with the changes to a zone in their own home.

The parents made only minor changes to their kitchen, dining room and daughter Kaitlin's bedroom in comparison to the changes made by the other four teams.

"I do think you overlooked too many opportunities and I was left feeling a bit disappointed that you hadn't made the most of this incredible gift," judge Wendy Moore said.

Young couples Candy and Ryan, from Sydney, and Maddi and Lloyd, from Townsville, made the most impressive changes in the short timeframe.

Candy and Ryan transformed their lounge room into a colourful space, while Maddi and Lloyd ripped down Brooke and Grant's hessian bag ceiling to make their bedroom cool and calming.

*WARNING EMBARGOED - CANNOT RUN IN PRINT UNTIL TUESDAY JUNE 17* Candy and Ryan's revamped family room in the House Rules 24-hour fix up challenge. Supplied by Channel 7.
Candy and Ryan's new family room.

When the scores from the 24-hour challenges were combined with last week's unit makeovers, Bomber and Mel were on the bottom of the leaderboard on 18 points.

"We've got a beautiful space to bring our two families together as one," Mel said.

"We'll be forever grateful for the work you've done on our home and we appreciate everything.

"We came into this competition as a very new couple. I think our relationship has been through some real ups and downs."

Now just four teams remain on the reality show, with the semi-final makeovers to start this week.

The teams will be making over the gardens and exteriors of their homes.

The show's grand final prize is the payment of the winning team's mortgage.

House Rules airs Sundays at 6.30pm and Mondays to Wednesdays at 7.30pm.


24-hour fix up challenge scores

Candy & Ryan (NSW):  15

Maddi & Lloyd (Qld): 15

Carole & Russell (WA): 14

Adam & Lisa (VIC): 12

Bomber & Mel (SA): 10