THE top of a skull, pieces of jawbone with teeth, vertebrae and fractured pieces of femur were part of "decayed" remains found under a Nambucca Heads house.

Chris Davis, the owner of Davis Seafoods next to the Riverside Dr house where bones were found, said the house was built by his great grandfather Edward Davis after 1879.


Mr Davis speculated over who the person found buried under the house was, saying it could an Aboriginal person or European settler involved in the shipbuilding industry.

Mr Davis, who saw the bones, said the teeth were in good shape and suggested more of a settler's diet.

The bones were examined by an Office of Environment and Heritage archaeologist today.

Dale Edwards, who lives across the road from the property, said the owner of the house was planning to remove the house from the plot when workers discovered the bones.

Mr Edwards said the bones were being taken down to Newcastle for further examination.

"We don't know if it's indigenous or whether it's an old sailor from the shipping days," Mr Edwards said.