Bow-and-arrow shooting death a cruel end for wallaby

A YEPPOON resident has found a dead wallaby which he believes to have been shot by a bow and arrow.

The unsettling discovery was made on the Pineapple Rail Trail pathway last month.

The resident, who did not want to be named, wanted to alert the public and residents in the area.

Former wildlife carer of more than 20 years Joy Daviso-Lee said the animal's death was reported to police, Livingstone Shire Council and Parks and Wildlife.

"Parks and Wildlife can't really do anything once the animal is dead, but it's important to let people know that this is happening," Ms Davison-Lee said.

"I'm totally appalled by the whole thing. It's a terribly cruel death for an animal because they don't die instantly and would be in agony while being eaten alive by ants or whatever else is around."

Wildlife Rockhampton co-ordinator Svetlana Mitin said although there were occasional reports of this happening in Rockhampton, there had been no recent cases reported in Yeppoon.

"To shoot anything for fun is highly illegal and there are harsh penalties," she said.

"Following rescue and whatever treatment is required we then alert RSPCA and EHP (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) to the case of cruelty to wildlife."

If you find an injured but alive animal you can call Wildlife Rockhampton on 0429 469 453.