Bowser price hike

13th April 2017 1:06 PM
EASTER PRICE HIKE: No relief for motorists in CQ this weekend as petrol prices among some of the highest in Queensland. FILE

THE Easter long weekend has begun, and so have the road trips.

But unfortunately for motorists in Central Queensland prices at the bowser are likely to hurt the wallet.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said unleaded prices were looking high around Central Queensland over the Easter weekend.

"In Emerald prices are high with an average of 142.9cpl,” she said.

"The price we consider fair is 130cpl.”

Ms Smith said Blackwater was one of the worst areas in the region to fill up.

The average price at the bowser spikes at 144.4cpl compared to the RACQ recommended fair price of 131cpl.

However, motorists travelling through Moranbah will continue to enjoy some of the lowest prices for unleaded in Queensland at 129.6cpl, which RACQ recognises as a fair price.

The current prices around CQ reflect results from RACQ's March Fuel Price Report which said Blackwater was among the most expensive region centres to fill up.

And Moranbah is one of the cheapest.

"People travelling through Moranbah on an Easter road trip should take advantage of the fair price which is approximately 10c per litre cheaper than Blackwater and Emerald,” Ms Smith said.

"We encourage motorists to support petrol stations with lower prices and force those with high prices to lower their prices.

"We encourage motorists to vote with their wallets.”