Boy, 14, in Bali drug bust

FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd says negotiating the release of a young Australian schoolboy being held in Bali on possible drugs charges is a ''number one priority''.

The 14-year-old, from Lake Macquarie near Newcastle, was arrested on Tuesday night near Hotel Padma in Kuta allegedly carrying a stash of cannabis.

It was unclear how much of the drug he was allegedly caught with, with reports ranging from 6.9 grams to 3.6 grams.

It's alleged he bought cannabis for the equivalent of $25 from a dealer while on his way to get a massage in Kuta. Police detained him outside a supermarket.

The boy, who is deeply traumatised, is being held in a room away from adult prisoners at a Denpasar police station.

He faces doing time in Kerobokan prison, home of Schapelle Corby, members of the Bali nine heroin ring and a child rapist.

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