Boy boasted about Bali purchase

THE 14-YEAR-OLD NSW boy arrested for alleged possession of cannabis in Bali boasted about his purchase, waving a small bag of the drugs in front of local shopkeepers and massage therapists before police pounced on him, witnesses say.

Accounts of the teenager's skylarking come from the owner and staff of the Komang Beauty Salon and Spa.

Some of them revealed yesterday they were aware police intelligence officers were waiting outside. They did not warn the teenager from the Newcastle area of their presence.

The consequences have been devastating, with the youth held at police headquarters in Denpasar and facing a possible prison term in Kerobokan prison, where Schapelle Corby is held, if diplomatic and legal efforts fail to secure his release.

Australian ambassador Greg Moriarty emerged from meetings with officials and the boy stating the Indonesians had vowed to process the case ''as quickly as possible''.