BRAKING THE RANGE: 'Might I suggest driving lessons'

YOUR SAY: I really have to agree with KJS, Gatton and Patty D. (TC Nov 4).

The drivers who say it is not possible to descend the Toowoomba range without riding the brakes, might I suggest you have more driving lessons.

Try putting your vehicle into a lower gear and descend without riding the brakes, a much more pleasant way to travel.

I would like a dollar coin for every person I see driving around with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

They stop at the traffic lights, I pull up beside them.

They take off with their foot to the floor and 20 metres on they ride the brakes to the next set of lights.

The lights turn red.

I pull up beside them once again as the lights turn green and it all starts again.

One of my favourite pastimes while waiting at the traffic lights is to look at the wheels on the car next to me. It is immediately obvious what sort of driver they are.

Clean wheels, good driver, dirty black wheels, rides the brake instead of letting the car do the work.

LYN SPAIN, Toowoomba