The Queensland Supreme Court will review Fraser Coast Regional Council mayor Chris Loft's dismissal.
The Queensland Supreme Court will review Fraser Coast Regional Council mayor Chris Loft's dismissal. Valerie Horton

Dumped FC mayor says sacking 'so unreasonable'

DUMPED Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft says a decision to sack him was unjustified and broke the rules of "natural justice".

Mr Loft has taken issue with claims his behaviour damaged the standing and public opinion of local government generally.

Mr Loft has applied for a review of the decision on February 15 of sacking him as Fraser Coast Regional Council Mayor.

"The decision was devoid of evident or intelligible justification," Mr Loft's lawyers wrote in court papers filed in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday.

And his team said "any reasonable decision maker could not have concluded that dismissal ... was warranted".

The new documents show Mr Loft felt the decision "aggrieved" him and the "rules of natural justice" had been breached.

The application was brought against the Local Government Minister.

Mr Loft said there was no evidence to justify several findings against him.

For example, the dumped mayor said there was no evidence he might "engage in similar conduct in the future" if action was not taken against him now.

The application for a judicial review was booked in for a hearing on Wednesday, March 7.

A response has not been filed.

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe previously said he did not take his decision to sack Mr Loft lightly.

The sacking came 73 days after former minister Mark Furner issued Mr Loft with an "intention to suspend" notice in December.

"The evidence that councillor Loft is unfit for office is clear and unequivocal," Mr Hinchliffe said.

"To date, there have been 11 findings of either inappropriate conduct of misconduct against councillor Loft.

"Given the flagrant nature of councillor Loft's breaches, I am satisfied that dismissal is the right course of action.

"I have formed the view that councillor Loft still does not understand his legislative responsibilities and is not truly remorseful for his past behaviour."

Mr Hinchliffe said those findings included:

. Breaches of the Councillor's Code of Conduct

. Repeated inappropriate use of media

. Failure to comply with Council's IT systems policy

. Use of position to influence an employee of a council-controlled entity to covertly provide financial information

. Improper disclosure of confidential council information to a third party

. Failure to comply with Council's Public Interest Disclosure policy. - NewsRegional