Police are responding.
Police are responding. Madura Mccormack

Man shot to undergo surgery, police declare crime scene

UPDATE 4.15PM: A MAN who was shot on Carlyle St has suffered non-life threatening injuries, police have confirmed.

Senior Sergeant Mark Sweetnam said at this stage it is understood the man was shot and has then turned up at the Mackay Base Hospital.

It is unknown if he took himself there or if he was driven.

The man will undergo surgery.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said it does not appear at this stage, that the incident at North Mackay and ongoing pursuit of escapee Levi James Brown is in any way related.

A Daily Mercury reporter at the Carlyle St property where the incident allegedly occurred, says police are having trouble accessing the property. 

Police have taped off the property and have presented a warrant however have not yet been able to gain access due to guard dogs. 

More to come. 


A man has presented at Mackay Base Hospital emergency department with gunshot wounds.
A man has presented at Mackay Base Hospital emergency department with gunshot wounds. Madura Mccormack


UPDATE 4.05PM: POLICE are trying to gain entry into a Carlyle Street property where the shooting incident reportedly occurred. 

Police have declared a crime scene and are not letting anyone other than officers in or out of the property. 

Currently, police are working to gain entry but the property is being guarded by at least five large dogs. 

Mackay Regional Council crews are being called to assist. 

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said at this point the shooting is not believed to be connected to the incident at North Mackay or the ongoing search for prison escapee LeviJames Brown. 

The condition of the man shot is at this stage unknown. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 3.45PM: POLICE have received information the shooting incident actually occurred in Carlyle Street in the Mackay CBD. 

Reports suggest the driver of the white sedan that arrived at Mackay Base Hospital, picked the gunshot wound victim up from Carlyle Street near the butchers

The victim is being treated by Mackay Base Hospital staff and the driver is in custody, speaking with police. 

More to come. 

BREAKING 3.40PM: MULTIPLE police crews are responding to Mackay Base Hospital following reports of a shooting incident.

Initial reports indicate two men have presented at the hospital, one with a gunshot wound to the groin.

Reports suggest the pair arrived in a white sedan and they are now in the emergency department.

It is unclear where the shooting has actually occurred.

More to come.