Murder victim Wayne James Youngkin.
Murder victim Wayne James Youngkin.

Brighton septic tank death probe ramps up

HOMICIDE detectives are stepping up efforts to find the killer of a Brisbane man, whose remains were found in a septic tank 30 years after he vanished.

Police have released new images of items found in November alongside the remains of Wayne James Youngkin in a disused septic tank on a property at Brighton.

Mr Youngkin's last known activity was making a passport application in 1986 while he was living with his grandmother and uncle at the Brighton home.

Police said in a statement the remains discovered on November 29 have since been identified as belonging to Mr Youngkin who was 29-years-old when he went missing in 1986.

Mr Youngkin was previously a resident of North Street in Brighton and had a number of friends and associates in the Brighton and Sandgate areas.

Since the discovery of his remains at a North Street address, police have undertaken a series of forensic examinations of the scene, including a number of exhibits retrieved from the location.

Car seat cover (front)
Car seat cover (front)

Police are concentrating on forensic examinations of a set of vehicle seat covers recovered from the scene and are in the process of developing a DNA profile from them.

A series of photographs of the seat covers has been released in the hope that the members of the public may assist in identifying the brand of seat covers from the distinctive markings and patterns on them.

Car seat cover (back)

Since the operation commenced, police have received a steady flow of information through Crime Stoppers which has assisted to progress the investigation.

On December 1 2016, police received anonymous but specific information via Crime Stoppers regarding the investigation and are appealing for this person to again make contact with police.

On December 9 2016, police received a handwritten letter at Sandgate Police Station with details about the investigation. Police are appealing for this person to again come forward.

They've previously said a male caller, who rang Sandgate Police Station in August 1992, might hold evidence that will help them solve the case.

A plumber found Mr Youngkin's remains in November, while working at the Brighton property, which was not searched at the time he vanished.