A, assignment for year eight English students has sparked controversy.
A, assignment for year eight English students has sparked controversy.

Queensland school accused of indoctrinating students

A BRISBANE high school has been accused of indoctrinating its students with assignments that ask them to argue for changing the Australian flag and to criticise US President Donald Trump.

Sky News has obtained a copy of a year eight English assignment that tasks Kenmore State High School students with writing a persuasive speech on creating a new flag that "represents contemporary Australia".

"This isn't what they should be doing in English," the grandmother of a male student at school, told Sky News.

"I was really incensed because all these reasons for changing the flag were very political.

"There was another instance where I had to help him with an assignment and it was all about saving Antarctica from melting, and I thought this is politics."

The woman said her granddaughter was taken out of the school last year over similar concerns about the curriculum.

Her granddaughter was given an assignment in year seven on the US President's proposed Mexican border wall, she said.

"The teacher did say that anyone who says a good word about Donald Trump won't get a good mark," Ms Tomes said.

The Queensland Education Department said the assignments were in line with the curriculum.

"If parents have concerns with the nature of class discussion around the curriculum and activities, they are encouraged to speak with the school principal," the department said in a statement to Sky News.