Brisbane will never get regions funding: Seeney

BRISBANE will never be eligible to receive Royalties for Regions funding, Queensland's Deputy Premier has promised.

Jeff Seeney was responding to claims by Katter's Australian Party MP Rob Katter in parliament on Thursday that Brisbane City Council was eligible to be funded through the program.

"Will the Deputy Premier take immediate steps to remove the Brisbane City Council from being eligible for funding from the Royalties for the Regions program, which completely undermines the integrity of the program and, by implication, the government?" he said.

Mr Seeney rejected the comment immediately.

"I assure him that the Brisbane City Council is not eligible for Royalties for the Regions funding. Royalties for the Regions funding is for regional councils," he said.

He said the LNP had implemented the plan despite financial challenges the government faced.

"We had to have a conduit established from the very beginning in our government to ensure that some of the royalties that were earned in regional Queensland were funnelled back to regional Queensland for some long overdue infrastructure," he said.

Mr Seeney said the program would always be an LNP policy.

"We will continue with the Royalties for the Regions program. It will always be a part of our government's strategy," he said.

"It will be included in the Regions Q Strategy, which is all about guaranteeing the future of regional Queensland. Brisbane City Council, unfortunately, will never be part of regional Queensland."