Britain asking itself 'what is the EU' after Brexit

PEOPLE across Britain have been asking themselves "what is the EU?" in the wake of their shock decision to exit it.

Google revealed the question was one its top searches in the United Kingdom after the official result of the Brexit referendum was released.

The UK was called to vote yes or no on the question to leave the European Union.

The yes vote narrowly won yesterday, triggering chaos in financial markets across the world and the resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Mr Cameron was also one of the top Google trends in the UK over the past day.

The Google Trends team used Twitter to release their data that showed "who will replace David Cameron" was the top question on the search engine following his resignation.

Other questions put to Google revealed a little of the mood in the UK after the referendum.

The search term "getting an Irish passport" also spiked in the hours after the yes vote was declared the winner. 

It will be several months before Britain actually leaves the EU, with negotiations planned between Britain, other United Kingdom governments, and the EU itself.

Panic in the financial markets about the potential implications of the vote caused an estimated $2 trillion to be wiped off international markets in one day.

The British pound has also fallen severely in value. The Commonwealth Bank temporarily suspended trading in GDP yesterday, affecting Australian customers in the UK.