Temperatures plunged to an icy 8 degrees in Emerald overnight.
Temperatures plunged to an icy 8 degrees in Emerald overnight. Monique Preston

Brr! Yes, it is cold this morning!

IF YOU are thinking it's been a little colder than normal this week, you are right.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Adam Blazak said the temperatures experienced in the Central Highlands in the past few days were lower than the average minimums.

"Emerald got down to 6.6 degrees this morning and the average minimum for August is 10 degrees,” Mr Blazak said on Tuesday.

"So you're seeing temperatures a few degrees below the average.”

Nearby Lochington shivered through a low of 2.2 degrees.

Further afield, Clermont also had another record-breaking morning, with the mercury dropping to just 0.9 degrees.

The average minimum August temperature for Clermont is 8.3 degrees.

Official BOM recordings also registered nearby Moranbah as dipping to 4 degrees, significantly lower than the area's monthly August average low of 11.1 degrees.

Mr Blazak said the cooler temperatures were caused by a "fairly strong” south to south westerly flow over the state which was bringing lots of cool, dry air.

He said the dry air in particular allowed minimum temperatures to dip overnight.

"In the coming days, that wind flow will become more south easterly, which will bring moisture in from the ocean over land,” Mr Blazak said.

"By Thursday the humidity will start to increase a little bit. So towards the end of the week, those minimums (temperatures) will be back up in double figures for places like Emerald.”