Cafe owner facing backlash after rape charge

A prominent Gold Coast cafe owner has been named on social media after being charged with rape.

But the man has angrily denied the accusations, saying he 'stands up for women's rights like a motherf…..r' and believes someone is out to 'destroy' him.

The cafe owner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was recently charged with one count of rape relating to an alleged sexual assault at Miami in February this year.

He first appeared in Southport Magistrates Court earlier this month, with the case adjourned to next week.

Social media posts seen by The Sunday Mail have named the 32-year-old and urged people to boycott his popular cafe.

"For those who don't know, the owner of (the cafe) has been charged with rape," one post reads.

"He is still able to be operating the business while out on bail. His court hearings started this week.

"Boycott the (cafe). Feel free to repost or let your loved ones know about (the owner). We've gotta look after each other!!"

Contacted at the cafe by the Sunday Mail, the man said the allegations were 'f…..n bulls. t'.

He said he had a 'model girlfriend', did not know the alleged victim 'from a bar of soap' and could not fathom how he had come to be charged.

"It's beyond me that someone can just walk into a police station and make completely false allegations as serious as this," he said.

"I've done a whole bunch of s. t in my life but I've never hurt a human being so to be accused of assaulting someone … that's just beyond me.

"The reality is that I'm a good human and I've never done anything to harm a single human. I stand up for women's rights like a motherf …. r.

"Someone is trying to destroy me and my business and I don't know why. The cafe is part of the community, I feed homeless kids and employ 30 people - they depend on me for their livelihoods.

"It's just sad. I just can't believe it's got to this."

The man said he had engaged lawyers and would be strenuously defending the rape charge.

Originally published as Cafe owner facing backlash after rape charge