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Caitlyn Jenner crash victim sued

THE woman killed in Caitlyn Jenner's tragic multi-car pile-up is being sued.

The estate of Kim Howe, the driver of a Lexus that Caitlyn's Cadillac Escalade crashed into in February, has been slapped with an $18.5 million lawsuit by the five passengers of a Hummer her car collided with in the incident on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.

According to TMZ, the passengers of the Hummer feel Howe was negligent and claim she caused the collision.

It's also claimed that the unnamed five passengers will also "sue Jenner at a later time".

Howe's Lexus hit the Hummer after being forced into oncoming traffic due to the impact of her car being hit by the E! reality star, who was known as Bruce Jenner at the time of the incident prior to her gender transition.

Los Angeles prosecutors are currently determining whether Caitlyn, 65, will face vehicular manslaughter charges after investigators determined she "set off a chain of events" that resulted in the fatal car crash.

Whilst Caitlyn was not driving over the speed limit, the LA County sheriff claims she was going too fast for the road conditions that day.