REMEMBER: Submit rail-related memorabilia to your nearest library.
REMEMBER: Submit rail-related memorabilia to your nearest library.

Calls to share rail mementos for posterity

COMMUNITY members are invited to visit libraries across the region and share their memories of railway history, including a regional rail disaster.

On February 26, 1960, the Midlander passenger train crashed while crossing the bridge over Medway Creek near Bogantungan.

Seven people were killed and 43 people were injured in the accident, known as the Medway Creek rail disaster.

As the 60th anniversary of the disaster draws nearer, Central Highlands Regional Council Mayor Kerry Hayes said it was important to record this moment in the region’s history.

“Although the Medway Creek rail disaster was a tragic event, it’s part of our history,” Mr Hayes said.

“It’s important for us to recognise and remember the people involved, like Lawrence Murray, an Aboriginal man who worked as a railway fettler and helped rescue survivors.’

Mr Hayes said whether it was handwritten recollections, photographs or other pieces of memorabilia, council wanted to hear from community members.

“We invite anyone who has something to share to call in and see the friendly staff at our libraries across the region.

“We are accepting submissions from Monday, December 2 until Friday, December 13.”

All information provided will be recorded and filed in the local history sections at council’s libraries.

Council also invites submissions of any rail-related memorabilia to include in an upcoming historic rail exhibition at Emerald Art Gallery.

For more information or to find your nearest library, phone council’s libraries team on 1300 242 686.