Cameron Diaz.
Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz: Kids' questions catch parents 'off guard'

CAMERON Diaz says children can catch their parents "off guard" with certain questions.

The 'Sex Tape' star insisted her new raunchy comedy is actually "really relatable" for people with kids because her on-screen daughter Giselle Eisenberg poses the kind of deep questions every parent will recognise.

She told E! News: "It is real, it's really relatable. Giselle has a hilarious scene in the movie where she talks about, you know, what is this all about where we go to sleep and we get up again, like 'when is this going to end?!'

"And kids can really ask those questions that take you off guard as an adult and you have to think about those moments like, right, you're a kid, you don't really understand what this is about."

Cameron - who doesn't have any kids of her own - added that despite having to give the answers to their children, even adults don't really "know what it's about" yet.

She said: "I think as an adult you still don't know what it's about ... I think that's what's really fun about this movie.

"It's so relatable. People who have kids are going to watch it and go oh my god, that's that kind of question my kids ask!"