GIVING BACK: Mrs Weller and some of her caps.
GIVING BACK: Mrs Weller and some of her caps.

Cancer patient gives back to hospital carers

AN EMERALD cancer patient is using her time in isolation to help her hospital carers.

Evelyn Weller has stage 4 cancer and spends much of her time at home, but has regular appointments at Emerald Hospital.

Recently she has been passing the time by sewing scrub caps.

“I feel useless and I wanted to do something,” Mrs Weller said.

“If it means making a few caps, so be it, that’s what I’m doing.”

Mrs Weller is making the caps with buttons on the side to allow staff to easily attach

surgical masks and save irritation around their ears while working long shifts.

She said her small contribution was the best way she could think to say thank-you.

“They look after me,” Mrs Weller said. “Even though I’m a hard case and I keep them on their toes.

“I’m grateful they can use them.”

Mrs Weller found a pattern for the caps online and now uses a variety of fabric designs for the men and women working at the hospital.

“I’m quite content doing my pottering around,” she said.

Mrs Weller’s nurse navigator Marissa McDonald was grateful for Mrs Weller’s thoughtful


“Evelyn is a wonderful seamstress and it means the world to our team to be able to wear

these symbols of gratitude in this tough time,” Mrs McDonald said.

“Thank you.”