House Rules 2014 contestants Candy and Ryan.
House Rules 2014 contestants Candy and Ryan. Channel 7

Candy ready for fresh start after House Rules exit

HOUSE Rules contestant Candy Stuart admits it's hard to watch herself on TV with her now former partner, Ryan Pusic.

But the 26-year-old says she would still go on the show again.

"It's really weird watching me interact with Ryan now that things have turned out the way they have," Stuart told APN.

"Sometimes it's upsetting to watch, but that's life and you have move on."

The Sydneysiders, who split after filming the renovation show earlier this year, were eliminated tonight after a tense week of disagreements with Perth's Carole and Russell.


Stuart doesn't hold a grudge against the couple, who back flipped on a plan for a shared wall between the living room and Candy and Ryan's games room halfway through renovations of a charity house.

But it was Candy and Ryan's kitchen design, rather than their altered games room, which saw them lose to Carole and Russell by just one point.

"I think Ryan and I were ready to go home. We knew that it was coming after the week that we'd had," she said.

Stuart is now back at work as a pathology training and development officer, but plans to move overseas once she and Ryan decide what to do with their newly renovated Emu Plains home.

"I'm young and I've never had the opportunity to do it before, so I may as well take everything that's happened and put it into a positive and travel," she said.

"I think I've come out a far stronger person and I'm much more confident. The show definitely does change you."

Stuart also disputed magazine claims that some of the teams owned multiple properties, and in one case a multimillion dollar waterfront home, conflicting with their "Aussie battlers" portrayal on the show.

"I honestly don't think it's true about the other teams," she said.

"If it is then they've all been excellent liars. I've never heard them talk about their other properties. I think it's all been blown out of proportion.

"We didn't go on the show saying we were battlers. We're everyday Australians. I'm not saying we're on struggle street. We're just living the same life as every other Australian and I think we do deserve what we've been given."

She will be backing dark horses Adam and Lisa to take out the show's grand final prize on Sunday.

"They're such lovely genuine people; what you see is what you get," she said.

"Lisa was my rock. She'd always cheer me up and make me laugh and point me in the right direction. She really helped me through in the final weeks.

"They've worked so hard and they really deserve to win."

The House Rules grand final airs on Sunday at 6.30pm on Channel 7