VALIDATION: Gabby Hanrahan at the library of Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival.
VALIDATION: Gabby Hanrahan at the library of Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival. Contributed

Cannes inspires filmmaker

AFTER years of hard work and dedication to her artistry, Gabby Hanrahan received the validation she had been yearning for.

Returning from a trip to France, where her short animated film BAD DOG screened during the Cannes Film Festival, Ms Hanrahan told CQ News: "Cannes was everything I wanted and needed with a cherry on top!”.

"I got to meet so many fellow filmmakers,” she said.

"I got to show off my film to a bunch of important people and the food and wine was fantastic, as expected.”

The former CQ filmmaker described seeing her work displayed at such a prestigious festival as "surreal”.

"It was surreal to see my name in the film catalogue, or in the library or even on the computer screen,” she said.

"Mind you I find it surreal when my name is on a letter, so this was nothing new.”

Ms Hanrahan said there were many highlights during the festival, including walking the red carpet twice.

"It was great to see Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo on the beach and meet so many like-minded and inspiring people,” she said.

"Also, there are so many dogs in handbags over there, it was incredible.

"Personally, I got so many new friends and a fire under me to propel me into projects that give me an excuse to travel, not just back to Cannes, but to other places like London, Los Angeles and Qatar.

"I also grew closer to the friends that came with me and now that my blisters have healed I have stronger feet.

"This trip certainly exposed my film and got my name out there to a few industry players, so who knows, hopefully this opens some doorways.

"Now that BAD DOG has screened in Cannes, we're throwing our hats into the ring for as many international and national film festivals we can find.”

Back in Brisbane, Ms Hanrahan said she has come back "harder, better, faster and stronger” than when she left.

"My goals are much more clear even though the path is not, but I know a lot more people that might be able to help,” she said.

"I also don't think I want to go back to drinking Jacob's Creek for a while.

"Now that I have returned home, it's back to the freelance grindstone, filmmaking doesn't pay bills.

"I have an online earring store open, TackeeStore, and another art store opening soon to fund writing and developing my next few projects, that hopefully I can share with you soon!”