Foreign Minister Bob Carr
Foreign Minister Bob Carr

Carr crushes rumours of his allegiance shifting from Gillard

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr has strenuously denied reports suggesting the Prime Minister Julia Gillard could no longer rely on his vote in caucus.

Fairfax reported on Tuesday Senator Carr and fellow Cabinet minister Mark Butler were reconsidering their support for Ms Gillard.

Senator Carr, who was in the United States to meet with new Secretary of State John Kerry, spent the morning refuting the accusations.

He issued a statement saying the article was "incorrect" and no comment had been sought from him or his office.

It was a denial he later repeated during an interview on ABC News 24 and a joint press conference with Mr Kerry.

"If contact had been made (by the Fairfax journalists) the reports would have been robustly rebutted and the story could not have appeared," Senator Carr told the ABC.

"Those stories aren't true. I'm loyal to Julia Gillard and Julia Gillard, in my view, will lead the Labor Party to the election in September."

He also denied having discussed the Labor leadership with caucus colleagues.

Mr Butler's denial was less emphatic and appeared on Twitter, where he wrote: "Still a proud member of Julia Gillard's team, contrary to latest media frenzy."

The issue of leadership was not raised during Tuesday's caucus meeting, the last before the budget on May 14.