THE cashless card continues to be a hot topic at Fraser Coast election booths, despite it being a federal issue. 

Protesters, who claim not to be part of a political party, are urging voters to vote for Labor or the Greens. 

ROLLING COVERAGE: All the action from Fraser Coast polling booths

Kathryn Wilkes, who says she is "fighting like crazy" against the card, was informing voters coming in to Hervey Bay State High School about the card. 

"Say no to the cashless card" Kathryn Wilkes Annie Perets

She said getting Adrian Tantari or Jenni Cameron into the Hervey Bay seat was the best chance of stopping it.

Young parents and jobseekers in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg are set to be placed on the Federal Government's Cashless Debit Card, which will be rolled out across the Hinkler electorate early next year.

Tantari and Cameron both said they were opposed to the card. 


Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen said his opponents in the election could "make cheap 'opinion' points on this issue, because they have no record to run on."   Independent candidate Jannean Dean said she was opposed to a third party receiving 'taxpayers monies to pay welfare recipients.'