Cassandra Thorburn.
Cassandra Thorburn.

Karl's ex lashes out: ‘Don’t compare me to Jasmine’

CASSANDRA Thorburn has smacked down tabloid rumours about her relationship with ex-husband Karl Stefanovic - and pleaded with the industry to not compare her to Stefanovic's current girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough.

In a lengthy online column for Now To Love, Thorburn hit out at tabloid New Idea for a story it published that linked her to Lisa Wilkinson and claimed she was plotting her "final revenge" against Stefanovic.

"The story in today's New Idea magazine linking me to Lisa Wilkinson and some purported pact to get 'final revenge' is totally baseless and utterly incorrect," the 46-year-old's open letter for Now To Love read.

Thorburn added she hasn't heard from Wilkinson since September last year, when Stefanovic left her "for his new life".

In the latest issue of New Idea, which hit newsstands Monday morning, an article claimed Thorburn is "weeks away" from announcing a big career move "that could make her even more successful than her Logie-winning ex".

One quote from an anonymous source read: "Nothing would give her more satisfaction than beating Karl at his own game after everything he's done to her."

Thorburn - who finalised her divorce with the Today host in October - labelled the story "beyond ridiculous" and said she's "not aware" of any major new jobs coming her way.

" ... I know the magazine has not spoken to any of my close friends. Shame on them for dragging my loyal support network into this."

Cassandra Thorburn at the annual Women of the Future Awards 2017.
Cassandra Thorburn at the annual Women of the Future Awards 2017.

She added: "As this pathetic article suggests, I don't feel the need to exact revenge on Karl for leaving me - I'm just happy to be starting a new chapter of my life. I'm most content spending time with my three children and making plans for our future."

Thorburn also rubbished speculation her ex-husband had been flaunting his new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough at public events he "didn't take" her to.

"I went to everything from Derby Day to fashion shows," she wrote. "I find it very hurtful they feel the need to compare Karl's new girlfriend Jasmine with me.

"Karl and I created 21 years of memories - there's certainly no competition between our years together and their lives now. As I said to Woman's Day recently, the children still have a father, but I don't have a husband.

"I'm a busy stay-at-home mum - I've got a book to finish, and three young people to feed and love."

Thorburn broke her silence about the high profile split in October, telling Woman's Day Stefanovic "really is dead to me".

Karl Stefanovic and Thorburn arrive on the red carpet ahead of the 2011 Logie Awards.
Karl Stefanovic and Thorburn arrive on the red carpet ahead of the 2011 Logie Awards.

This week's New Idea piece also linked Thorburn's "career move" with that of Stefanovic's former co-host Lisa Wilkinson, who tremendously threw in her gig on Todaylast month.

"I haven't spoken to Lisa since Karl left us for his new life last year," Thorburn wrote. "The last time she sent me a message was September 2016."

After pointing out New Idea used an old photo of her and photoshopped Wilkinson next to her, she added: "What else is there to say - they can't even get my age correct. It's very flattering they have me at 42 - I'm actually 46, but thank you! These cruel lies they write and print need to be clarified."

Thorburn, a former journalist at the ABC, finalised her divorce from Stefanovic in October after separating in October last year.

She has a children's book coming out in 2018.