PROUD: Manager Adrian Lim celebrates Gemfields Pharmacy winning the People's Choice award.
PROUD: Manager Adrian Lim celebrates Gemfields Pharmacy winning the People's Choice award. Contributed

CH rural pharmacy is a national award winner

GEMFIELDS Pharmacy was last week announced as the winner of the People's Choice award in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Rural Pharmacy Video Competition with a moving portrayal of life in the remote town and the importance of holistic healthcare.

Pharmacies were given the theme Your Future is Now to use in a video depiction of their vision for a vibrant, dynamic and commercial community pharmacy network into 2025 and beyond.

The aim of the competition was to highlight how working and living in rural Australia offers amazing and unique opportunities, and to excite people enough so they would want to work with in these areas.

Pharmacist and Gemfields pharmacy manager Adrian Lim, who has been in the Gemfields for 18 months, said a rural pharmacy offered the chance to spend quality time with customers, help treat them, and watch them improve on a day-to-day basis.

"Lots of people like to chat to their local pharmacist, and I like them to be able to talk freely to their pharmacist and our staff.”

He said a holistic approach to wellbeing and health was essential.

"If you build good relationship and they can come and have chat to you it builds rapport and that builds trust and then you can help influence their medications.”

With one staff member, Lisa Trussler, the Gemfields Pharmacy prides itself on being able to get to know each customer and offer personalised help.

Mr Lim said, "It's more than just a professional talking to them - we're like their friend and their confidante giving advice.

"It's like how a country doctor is different to a city doctor - we have to be more versatile - along with country ambulance staff and country nurses.”

He said that because a rural or remote pharmacy didn't have access to the allied health benefits of a big city location, it had to be flexible and "show we can do a lot more”.

"We become versatile in our roles.

"And with the allied health professionals out here we have to work out the best way to move forward.

"It's a more collaborative approach.”

Mr Lim said he enjoyed making the video as he was able to showcase the beauty and peacefulness of the countryside.

"You haven't got that pollution of people, noise and lights everywhere.

"All of that factors into stress as well.”

He said his favourite part of living in the country was the people.

"They're very easy going, they're diverse.

"I'm gay and I didn't think there'd be any other gay people out here, but there is and it's part of the diversity.

"Ever since I've arrived the people have been welcoming and very hospitable.

"It's a good community.”

Mr Lim, who also recently qualified as a Stress Management Advocate, said stress was "100% tied up with wellbeing”.

His top tip for beating stress and boosting wellbeing, was the "non-drug therapy tool” of daily meditation, and he plans on running workshops for the community in the future.

"It doesn't matter how long you meditate for, as long as you do it.

"It's about being able to let go and clear you mind.

"Meditate first thing in the morning in a space where you're comfortable, close your eyes and just breathe and keep your mind clear.

"Acknowledge your thoughts and let go of them and concentrate on the breathing.”

  • To view Gemfields Pharmacy's award-winning video submission which celebrates all the Gemfields has to offer, visit the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Facebook page.