Check out the 22 women who'll chase the next Bachelor

THE 22 women who will compete for Matty J's heart on the upcoming season of The Bachelor have been revealed.

The ladies, who range in age from 23 to 34, will attempt to woo 30-year-old Matty Johnson who appeared on season two of The Bachelorette.

The show has already been filmed and Matty J told that his relationship with the winner is still going strong.

"I am very happy to say that I've found love - and that I'm very happy right now," he said.

But the identity of the woman who captured his heart is unknown. Here are the Bachelorettes he had to choose from:

Meet the women vying for Matty J's heart on The Bachelor.
Meet the women vying for Matty J's heart on The Bachelor. Channel 10


• Florence - 27 - Animal-loving Dutch-born Florence always dreamt of coming to Australia

and now that she is here, she is here to stay. Confident, with a heart of gold, Florence enjoys snowboarding, cycling, running in the woods, and swimming.

• Laura-Ann - 27 - Italian-Maltese Laura-Ann is opinionated, stubborn and can hold a good argument. The talkative criminal lawyer hates awkward silences and is known to give people her world if she falls for them.

• Leah - 24 - Tomboy country girl Leah is a ball of energy and says she is known as a force to be reckoned with. The 24-year-old loves any kind of adrenaline sport, horse riding, DIY and art. Quickly bored, the architecture student is never single for long and to keep her interest, a man requires passion and a sense of adventure.

• Lisa - 24 - Down to earth and self-proclaimed "legend" Lisa lives in the moment. The 24-year-old model loves getting outdoors and being active. Lisa believes love is about accepting each another for who you are. She is looking for a kind and funny partner who loves adventure, travelling and is "just a huge babe in general".

• Monica - 26 - Independent "pocket rocket" Monica lives life to the extreme. From working in a slaughterhouse to spontaneously packing up her car and leaving town for a random adventure, she believes you will always land on your feet if you take a chance. The 26-year-old Townsville native has never experienced romance and is looking to find a partner who wants to lead a colourful life full of adventure.

• Sharlene - 26 - Determined and competitive, Sharlene loves to be active and her hobbies including Muay Thai boxing, jazz singing and performing in musicals. The wedding planner loves her career, but wishes in her personal life that she could stop being the "token single girl at the wedding".

• Simone - 25 - Outgoing and bubbly, Simone is easy to talk to "but you may not get a word in". The fun-loving English girl believes her heart is her best asset. She is looking for a tall and funny partner to take her for her perfect date, enjoying fish and chips on the beach.

Laura-Ann, Monica, Lisa, Florence, Sharlene and Leah are all from Victoria.
Laura-Ann, Monica, Lisa, Florence, Sharlene and Leah are all from Victoria. Supplied


• Alix - 24 - Body painter Alix enjoys great banter and says that she gives a good foot massage. The 24-year-old thrillseeker is highly competitive, loves a challenge and throws herself into any new experience. Her ideal man is tall, ambitious and family focused, with a fun outlook on life.

• Elizabeth - 31 - Outgoing, strong and brutally honest, Elizabeth loves fashion and getting dressed up, just as much as she enjoys watching rugby on the couch in her underwear. The 31-year-old is looking for her best mate, someone who she can have banter with, even in their old age when looks have faded.

• Elora - 27 - World traveller and wanderlust chaser, Elora is exotic, mysterious and ready to find her king to help build her empire. The outspoken personal trainer is looking for a disciplined gentleman with a wild heart, who can prove her wrong about love. The Tahitian-born Bachelorette's perfect date is anywhere near the ocean, enjoying quality time and simple pleasures, while talking about life dreams.

• Jennifer - 27 - Self-assured and opinionated, Jennifer is a true character. The thrillseeking marketing manager loves water sports, dirt bikes, AFL and is confident she will at the very least, make the top four.

• Laura - 30 - A down-to-earth city girl with a gypsy heart, Laura is all about being authentic. The self-confessed "big flirt" has always been a free spirit but is now looking to find her one true love.

NSW contestantss: (L-R) Jennifer, Elora, Laura, Alix and Elizabeth.
NSW contestantss: (L-R) Jennifer, Elora, Laura, Alix and Elizabeth. Tim Hunter


• Akoulina - 29 - Two-time Australian rhythmic gymnast champion Akoulina loves a good adventure. Immigrating from the Soviet Union at age five, she describes herself as a "breath of fresh air" whose trek to Mount Everest base camp helped shape the person she is today.

• Belinda - 34 - Love coach Belinda is passionate about romance and happiness. She enjoys transforming and healing couples' relationships, but knows that in her own life she has been "waiting, not creating". It is now time to focus on herself. The 34-year-old believes it is easy to fall in love, but whether you are compatible with that person is another thing altogether.

• Cobie - 30 - Excitable Cobie describes herself as a "unicorn in a girl's body, a positive happy-go-lucky munchkin who is a bit weird and quirky". The Queensland coal plant operator believes she has the best job in the world and is looking for someone with whom she can create memories.

• Stacey - 26 - Former 2015 Miss V8 Supercars Miss Personality recipient Stacey makes the most out of life and is passionate about being fit and healthy. The 26-yearold has had enough of rubbish relationships and is looking for someone who enjoys going on adventures, but who also makes her feel appreciated and cared for.

• Tara - 27 - Animated and confident, Tara is attracted to people with great personalities. Her friends describe her as "refreshing", as she is always 100% herself. The 27-year-old nanny is a decent cook who loves her food and is "not afraid to voice her fire" if people are closed-minded.

Queensland Bachelor contestants: Stacey, Akoulina, Belinda, Cobie and Tara.
Queensland Bachelor contestants: Stacey, Akoulina, Belinda, Cobie and Tara. Mark Cranitch


• Elise - 29 - Adventure lover Elise prides herself on always aiming to be the best she can be. The former Australian hockey player loves water sports, training with friends and ran the New York Marathon last year.

• Sian - 23 - Opinionated, impatient and brutally honest, Sian wears the pants in a relationship. The 23-year-old is looking for a considerate older man with integrity, who is ready to explore the world with her. The retail assistant is happiest when she is sleeping, dancing or eating and loves nothing more than to make people laugh.

• Stephanie - 23 - Outrageous and sassy, Stephanie is an adrenaline junkie with a wild side. The gas and oil safety administrator lives by the mantra to live and learn, and she is looking for a man with a vibrant personality.

The ladies will battle it out for Matty J’s heart.
The ladies will battle it out for Matty J’s heart. Instagram - @ten_insider


• Michelle - 31 - Honest, caring and self-deprecating, Michelle appreciates the simple things that life has to offer. The 31-year-old is passionate about her job as a police officer but bad timing has meant she has not yet found her one true love.

• Natalie - 26 - Loud and eccentric, Natalie loves connecting with people but she does not suffer fools. This party-girl is happiest when out with a group of her friends, but is looking for that special someone.

Michelle Paxton and Natalie Holmberg are from South Australia.
Michelle Paxton and Natalie Holmberg are from South Australia. Supplied

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 26 July At 7.30pm on Ten and continues on Thursday, 27 July At 7.30pm.