Is this child's party invitation greedy?

BUYING gifts for children can be difficult so a bit of guidance is often appreciated but this parent may have gone a bit too far.

One person took to Facebook to share a demanding party invitation they received, which detailed very specific gift requests.

"Gift cards preferable and no size 1 clothes needed," the invite read.

"Any other purchases could you please include a return receipt. Thank you."

The woman who posted the picture said she didn't "know how to feel" after receiving the invite to the child's party hosted by her partner's cousin.

People were quick to brand the invite as "rude" and "disgusting", with some suggesting that she skip out on the party completely.

"Yeah I wouldn't go, that's disgusting," one person said.

"I hate how gifts has gone from a nice surprise to an expectation," another said.

One added: "I feel sorry for her child. A lot of people are saying 'don't go' but the child shouldn't miss out just because the mother is a rude knob."