SWEET VICTORY: The Blackwater Crushettes with the 2018 permiership trophy.
SWEET VICTORY: The Blackwater Crushettes with the 2018 permiership trophy. Contributed

Club holds trophies high

RUBGY LEAGUE: The Central Highlands Rugby League competition came to an end over the weekend and Blackwater couldn't be more proud.

In a rare occurrence, both the Blackwater Crushers and Crushettes took out the 2018 premiership.

Crushettes coach Trent White said the win was great for both teams and two years in the making for the women's side, after losing to Clermont last year.

"It's unbelievable, it's a lot of hard work and to come away with the victory, especially after losing last year, it's probably two years in the making, it's beyond amazing,” he said.

"Last year the team went down convincingly to Clermont.

"We had a massive off season and rectified a few things and thankfully this year was our year. A lot of hard work, the girls did amazing.”

White said it was the team effort that allowed them to take out the Emerald Cowgirls 22-16.

"They just kept showing up for each other, the team effort in the end got us there,” he said.

"They kept turning up and turning up, it was a really hard grand final and the Cowgirls played really well as well.

"(The win) was really good for the girls, it was really good for the town and it was really good for the club as well.”

In a convincing win, the Crushers took down the Bluff Rabbitohs 24-16 and coach Peter Bass said it was great to see the hard work pay off.

"It was awesome, what a great feeling, just knowing how much the guys put in the effort,” he said.

"All the training all year, the belief we had, it's all come together. It was pretty rewarding to get that win, that's for sure.”

Picking up their game in the grand final, Bass said it was the team's strong defence that pushed them over the line.

"I was most proud of the team, their defence and their line,” he said.

"There's been games through the year that we've let a lot of tries in and it's always broken us.

"But on that night, just their defence and their line got us the win, I think. We usually leak a lot of points but they really dug deep and they saved a lot.

"We kept defending and defending and that put us over the line.

"I'm so proud. I couldn't be more proud of these guys.

"Just the way we did what we said we would do and we backed it up with our actions. To me, that was pretty special.”