RIDING HIGH: Nate Hazlewood, and his brother Bane Hazlewood in action.
RIDING HIGH: Nate Hazlewood, and his brother Bane Hazlewood in action.

Club races into the new year

CENTRAL Highlands BMX club is racing into the new year with big plans for its members.

This year has brought some changes for the club, with a new 2020 committee who has plans to host its first regional race meeting this year, and a range of other race days in the pipeline.

Central Highlands BMX Club secretary Anita Hazlewood only joined the club last year, and it has since become a family affair.

Her five and six-year-old boys both ride and even her two-year-old daughter is excited to be part of the action this year.

“Just by chance we were at the bike park this time last year and Hamish (club president) was there. He was just personnel last year and gave us the heads up about the club,” Ms Hazlewood said.

“We had no idea bout it previously. Two of our boys raced last year and they love it.

“They have always loved their bikes, been fast and fearless on them and excited to ‘jump the jumps’ as they say.”

Ms Hazlewood said it was a great solo and team sport, with riders competing against themselves and striving to be better.

“I think it’s good because kids can make friends, there are competitions and it ranges from normal club level to state and national championships,” she said.

“It’s also an Olympic sport, so there are plenty of pathways if anyone is interested to take it further, and it’s easy, everyone has a bike.”

However the club doesn’t just run for children, but it’s open to riders from two-years-old to over 50.

Ms Hazlewood encourages, mums, dads, girls and boys to go along and give it a go.

“It will suit any level rider and whatever your ambitions are,” she said.

“If it’s just for fun that’s fine, we’ll welcome anyone, and we’ll help if they want to get into competitions down the track too.

“If you can ride a bike you can ride on the track.”

CHBMX will launch their 2020 season this Friday night, a first chance for families and individuals to register, practice and race.

Registration will open from 5.30pm at Sunrise, Rotary Park at the Corner of Opal St and Park Ave.

Riders are required to bring their own bike, full face helmet, long pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves to take to the track.

For more information or to register, visit the Central Highlands BMX Club Facebook page, or call them on 0473 926 680.