Coles Mt Barker had to shut its doors because of a system error. Picture: Tricia Watkinson
Coles Mt Barker had to shut its doors because of a system error. Picture: Tricia Watkinson

Coles supermarkets reopen after IT meltdown

Coles stores are starting to reopen after every supermarket slammed its doors shut due to a nationwide technical issue on Friday afternoon.

Shoppers were booted from Coles stores around the country shortly after 5pm in Sydney after the IT outage stopped cash and card payments from working.

But just after 7pm NSW time, Coles supermarkets began to reopen and usher in customers again, more than two hours after shoppers were forced to abandon their trolleys mid-shop.

A Coles spokeswoman said earlier stores had been closed around Australia due to a "technical issue" with payments.

"Coles supermarkets are being closed temporarily due to a technical issue with processing payments in our stores," she said.

"Our team is working hard to fix the issue and stores will reopen as soon as possible.

We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience."


Competitor Woolworths were quick to reassure shoppers all was well in their stores.

"Our payment systems are up and running. All stores continue to trade as normal," a Tweet from the supermarket read.

Confused shoppers took to social media as the situation unfolded.

"Halfway through a shop and we are told that cash registers at all Coles stores are not working due to IT issues," Tracy Findlay wrote on Twitter with a photo outside Coles Asquith.

"They're not sure for how long. Off to Woolies."

"Sorry Coles, I had to leave my trolley and run," Trudie Minassian wrote.

"No time to waste waiting for your checkouts to work, I got a 10 year old's party to shop for .. off to Woolworths."

"Coles, what was with the outage today?" One Twitter user wrote.

"Waited patiently for 1hr 20mins and was then told to leave. Understand that outages happen but to be told to simply leave is just wrong."

"Down down, registers are down," another Twitter user wrote, echoing the Coles advertisement jingle.

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