Comedian pelted with glass after tirade


Every comedian has had to deal with a few hecklers in their time, but an Australian stand-up took audience interaction to another level in Adelaide over the weekend.

Alex 'Shooter' Williamson was pelted with glass cups and was forced to fend off an audience member wielding a chair after he launched a verbal tirade at somebody in the crowd for speaking during his set.

Video footage from the event - shared by comedy page Brown Cardigan - in Adelaide on Sunday shows 32-year-old Williamson performing when his attention was caught by a man "talking about his Jameson" instead of paying attention to his set.

He can be seen launching into an expletive-laden tirade at the audience member.

"You were raised like a c**t. I am glad (your parents) are f***ing dead so they didn't have to see their son evolve into such a f***ing useless sack of sh*t,' Williamson said.

The man responded by saying he hadn't laughed once during the set and was instead making the act more bearable.

Williamson, who calls himself "Australia's loosest bloke", said his comedy was too sophisticated for the audience member and he should leave.

Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson calls himself ‘Australia’s loosest bloke’. Picture: Twitter/Brown Cardigan
Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson calls himself ‘Australia’s loosest bloke’. Picture: Twitter/Brown Cardigan

"Get the f**k out c**t," Willamson said as he walked over to the man's table and kicked it repeatedly - knocking the man's drink over.

"You open your mouth, you pay the f***ing price, c***," he said before appearing to kick at the man.

In a second video clip, the heckler can be seen grabbing a chair and waving it at Williamson.

Other audience members stepped in to stop the man from getting onto the stage.

After the group escorted the man out he threw three glasses at Williamson, narrowly missing him each time.

On his Instagram page yesterday, Williamson opened up about seeking mental health help.

He didn't explicitly link the incident with his mental health issues, the comedian did admit he was seeking professional help after he "underwent an episode".

"Lots of things at play below the surface over the last two weeks as I underwent an episode," Williamson said in a post on Instagram.

"Things you could only speculate on, without a proper understanding. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow to give them a proper understanding."



Williamson also used the opportunity to encourage everyone else to open up about any mental health issues they might be facing, be it to a mate or a professional.

"If you see the same darkness I saw, I encourage you to speak to a loved one. A friend. A medical professional. Hell, even a dog," he added. "Because it's lonely out there."

Williamson was involved in a similar dispute in March during a performance at a pub in Goulburn, two hours south west of Sydney, when chaos broke out.

In footage shared to the comedian's Instagram, he was seen storming off stage to confront a heckler who had been talking throughout the show.

After Williamson knocked his hat off, the crowd member fought back, smashing his beer bottle into the comedian's head.

"You gonna glass me? You gonna glass me?" Williamson said.

The comedian then stormed off, finishing the bottle of beer and throwing it onto the stage as the crowd cheered.

"I just f***ing skolled the glass he glassed me with," he said.

Williamson downed another bottle that was handed to him by another crowd member as fans chanted "Shooter".




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He was pelted with glass cups after confronting a heckler. Picture: Twitter/Brown Cardigan
He was pelted with glass cups after confronting a heckler. Picture: Twitter/Brown Cardigan