COMMENT: Taxi drivers don't deserve it

CABBIES have copped a bit over the past couple of years with the popularisation of ride sharing service Uber.

Even before that, racial generalisations about taxi drivers often seemed like fodder for jokes. But I have a real soft-spot for our cabbies.

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My mother never got her driver's licence so the taxi drivers in my home town knew us all by name and address.

When I was old enough to go to the pub, dad struck a deal a with the local company that regardless of how much money I had on me, they were to get me home and he would fix them up the following week. And they always did get me home safely.

It's frustrating that I have had more than one conversation with a driver about some of the rubbish they have to put up with while doing their job.

And this robbery takes the cake.

Here's hoping the people responsible can be found and others get the message that this is not on.