COMMENT: Welcome to cattle class

I'LL never fly business or first class.

I can't see myself ever being able to afford to fly it all the time and I think I'd rather live in ignorance than experience the indulgence and have to go back to economy.

But when I do travel, I pay extra to travel with a decent airline. I'm happy to pay for a bit of comfort.

When you are travelling on a tight schedule, you do need to get to the other end in a state to hit the ground running.

So I get Jo-Ann Miller's point about choosing to travel business class when there is a tight turn around in timing.

Individual politicians might look at their own travel expenses and think they're only adding a few thousand dollars here or there for the upgrade, but total all of their trips and the dollars to start to add up.

Fortunately our local pollies seem willing to accept that economy needs to be an option.

Perhaps we'll find ourselves seated next to them on flights in the near future?