Company creates 'reusable' toilet paper

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As panic buying Aussies continue to strip supermarkets of toilet paper, one business has come up with an unusual solution.

"Reusable/washable toilet non-paper" is being sold by Aussie online business Handmade Australian Textiles.

The stacks of washable toilet paper come in a range of different fabrics and can be fitted with press studs so they can be used like a regular toilet roll.


"Let me guess, you desperately needed toilet paper so you ducked to the shops only to find the entire town has started panic buying and stocked up their own personal toilet paper supply to last them the next year, leaving none for people like yourself that actually need some," the business wrote in a Facebook post.

"Just to get you by (you could ration your normal paper and just use this just for the number ones, leaving your precious toilet paper for the number twos) or you could save a bunch of money on toilet paper by using this all the time! Think of all the things you've been wanting to buy!"

The business said their toilet paper solution comes with 20 squares of washable toilet fabric with a terry towel backing, which you can choose to upgrade to microfibre - if that's more to your liking.

"Each square has a plastic press stud at each end making it easy to use and easy to roll back up after each wash."

"If you're someone panic buying toilet paper you could panic buy this instead! It takes up much less room and you can reuse it!"