WHAT'S THE BENEFIT: Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker wants to know what developments like Adani bring to the Isaac region.
WHAT'S THE BENEFIT: Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker wants to know what developments like Adani bring to the Isaac region. Contributed

Convoy leaves region

THE Adani debate may still be raging throughout the country but in Clermont - the township closest to the controversial mine - residents "just want to get on with life as they know it”.

Following a weekend of clashes between anti and pro-Adani protesters, Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker said the council managed the situation as best they could, based on advice from Queensland Police Service.

"The positioning that we put ourselves in is that we're a community that respects democratic expression and peaceful demonstration and no matter how fundamentally opposed - or not - we may be to a particular viewpoint, people are entitled to their viewpoint,” Cr Baker said.

"We made it absolutely clear from the outset that disruptive behaviour from any person or party would not be tolerated.”

Cr Baker said the council had inspected Clermont Showgrounds following the convoy's departure and the facilities had been left in "good order”.

Now, Cr Baker said, people just wanted to get back to life as they knew it.

"The community of Clermont, from my perspective, just wants to get on with doing what they do,” she said.

"It's a fabulous community. Clermont is 150 years old - it's been functioning all of that time.

"Mining, ag and the environment have been co-existing all that time.”

When it comes to the controversial Adani mine itself, Cr Baker said the council's viewpoint had not changed.

"We're not a champion for any one mining company or any one project,” she said.

"What we have publicly said, and will continue to say, is that we support the responsible development and the opening up of the Galilee Basin.

"What Isaac Regional Council is calling for is for those approvals to be consistent and for those approvals to be guided by responsible development principles.”

Cr Baker also wanted to know what benefit developments like Adanibrought to the Isaac region.

"Specifically talking about one project (Adani) and in general, opening up the Galilee Basin, what is the positive benefit to the Clermont community?” she said.

"I have asked that question and I've had no response from any political candidate or any political party.

"They all have a lot to say but there's nothing actually being practically delivered for our community of Clermont or our region.

"Given the amount of royalties that goes out of this region, what's the return on that investment?

"That's where I see my role - to advocate and lobby for permanent jobs, permanent business commitments and that'sforthe life of these projects.

"I don't think it's unfair. Idon't think it's unreasonable.”