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Cool weather blows in

AFTER a scorching run of heat, the Central Highlands finally received some cool relief and much-needed rain for farmers.

Emerald and surrounds received heavy rainfall earlier in the week from a trough moving north from southern Queensland, bringing valuable water to the dry region.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said over the course of the three days, Emerald received about 75mm of rainfall.

The upper trough that brought the heavy downfall has since moved out to sea but the cooler temperatures are set to stick around.

Lingering showers and storms are expected to clear some time over the weekend.

According to BoM, the south-easterly wind brought the cooler temperatures with it, which have since turned to northerlies.

Temperatures have retreated to the low to mid-30s and that is the expected average until the weekend.

Chickpea, wheat, barley and cattle farmer Jenny Bate said the rain had been nothing but positive for their crops and cattle.

"The spring rain is wonderful for the cattle and the grass,” she said.

"We had almost completed our harvest when it came.

"We have had a great dry period for harvesting and if we can get a good dry run over the next week there will be no smoke.

"But our grass country really needs it because most people are both cattle producers as well as crop growers.

"It's going to be a hot summer so we need lots and lots of rain for the grass. Now we want some much- needed follow-up rain.”