Cop on restricted duties after teen arrest



A NSW Police officer has been placed on restricted duties pending an investigation, after a video of a forceful arrest of a teenager in Sydney went viral on Monday.

In the video, a group of teenagers in a park nearby their Surry Hills home appear to be arguing with the officer, accusing him of swearing.

NSW Police said in a statement the officers had been patrolling Ward Park in Surry Hills when they talked to the group of teenagers. They allege one of the male teenagers, 17, threatened the officer, saying "I'll crack you in the f**king jaw, bro," before being arrested and taken to Surry Hills Police Station.

The teen was then taken to St Vincent's Hospital for observation before being released pending further inquiries by police, according to the statement from NSW Police.

However, the circumstances surrounding the arrest are now the subject of an investigation by the Professional Standards Command.

The officer involved, who was seen tripping the teen during the arrest, has been placed on restricted duties pending an investigation of the circumstances of the arrest.

"Senior officers have met with the community and local elders and will keep them appraised throughout the process," NSW Police said.

During the arrest the boy lies on the ground he can be heard making a high-pitched squeal. The boy's mates can be heard yelling, with one saying, "You just slammed him on his face".

A family member of the boy took to social media overnight, claiming the police had arrested the teen "for no reason at all".

"This is so wrong on so many levels," the family member said. "I am that pissed off with what has happened.

"(He) was with friends in a park not even 100m from his home in Surry Hills, doing nothing just being boys hanging out with each other when police arrest him for no reason at all."

The family member said the boy had been taken to hospital with multiple injuries.

The teen's sister Ali Mongta-Finn told the ABC's triple j Hack program on Tuesday he was distraught after the incident, and his teeth were damaged.

"When he came back home later that night, he was shaken up," she said. "He was very sore this morning and he was distraught.

"Teenagers, they're lippy, but you don't just abuse children because they're lippy." The teenager's parents and other relatives will speak about the incident at a press conference at the NSW Parliament on Wednesday.

Mr Mongta-Finn was hospitalised for his injuries.
Mr Mongta-Finn was hospitalised for his injuries.

"We're all aware of incidents that have taken place in the United States over the past week and we're aware of the sensitivities around what's occurring overseas," Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing told reporters on Tuesday.

"Am I concerned about what I'm seeing in the footage? Absolutely. But I'm equally concerned about others who may use the footage to inflame it and turn it into something it's not."

The person who posted the Surry Hills video on Facebook said the teenager sustained cuts and grazes to his knee and a bruised shoulder, as well as chipped teeth, before being transferred to hospital.

Redfern Legal Centre has referred the matter to the independent police watchdog.

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The teen can be heard screaming out in pain as he’s restrained.
The teen can be heard screaming out in pain as he’s restrained.