You won’t believe what this cheeky cop did……

HOW many bureaucrats does it take to work out a fine and screw you out of $8?

That's what Tim Kelly wants to know.

Mr Kelly was holidaying in the Whitsundays with his family when he was fined for speeding while driving up a hill in Cannonvale.

"I was speeding up the hill at Cannonvale and I got pulled over by a police officer, which is okay because I was speeding," Mr Kelly said.

"A ticket was issued for $235, which was titled 'First and Final Notice'; however, it was neither the first nor the final."

The next day Mr Kelly paid the fine by cheque at the Department of Transport and Main Roads and as far as he was concerned that was the end of it.

Unfortunately it was only the beginning.

"That's when I really started to get screwed," he said.

"A month or so later a police officer from the Airlie Beach police station sent me a letter saying the fine should have been $243 - an additional $8.

Speeding motorist Tim Kelly holding the two fines issued by the Whitsunday Police.
Speeding motorist Tim Kelly holding the two fines issued by the Whitsunday Police.

"I was then given a second 'First and Final Notice' and my cheque was returned. I could not quite believe that I was being asked to go through the hassle of arranging payment all again for a simple error made by someone else and for $8."

Mr Kelly, who lives in northern NSW, called Queensland Police Link which advised him to request the additional amount be waived by the officer in charge at the Airlie Beach station.

"I wrote to the police officer requesting for the $8 to be waived, with another cheque, but he refused to "withdraw, waive or cancel the ticket" and he sent it back to me saying either pay or it could go to court.

"I even wrote to the Police Minister and told him that he should be aware of how his police officers are spending their time by spending hours refusing my request not to pay the $8 but as of yet I have had no response."

Mr Kelly said the situation was such a laughable matter that it caused hysterics amongst his friends who couldn't believe the "pedantic nature" of it.

""It's like a combination of Yes Minister and Keystone Cops but even though I'm laughing now, I still have to pay the fine or I could get prosecuted," he said.

"However, it would be amusing going through the court case and getting them to explain their own error and why they are still chasing me for $8."

In response to Mr Kelly's claims, a Queensland Police spokesman said that when issuing infringement notices police took all possible care to ensure the correct details and fines were recorded.

"From time to time there are changes to penalty amounts set by legislation and regulations, and very occasionally minor errors do occur," the spokesman said.

"Where any payment is already made, it is fully refunded and the infringement notice is cancelled.

"To ensure action is still taken for the speeding offence, police then issue and post a new notice with a letter of explanation."

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