A 3D model of the proposed Dunoon dam, part of a digital map created by Rous County Council.
A 3D model of the proposed Dunoon dam, part of a digital map created by Rous County Council.

'Costly, unnecessary': Fresh opposition to Dunoon dam

THE Sustainable Australia Party's Northern Rivers Branch is calling for alternative solutions to the 50 gigalitre Dunoon Dam being proposed by Rous County Council.

The dam is one of a series of possible long-term projects to ensure water safety for the area, in the Future Water Project 2060.

Northern Rivers branch organiser Thom Kotis explained the party's opposition to the project.

"Due to unsustainable growth in human consumption and population, we are now compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs," he said.

"The proposed Dunoon Dam is the latest symptom of this unsustainable growth system that leads to overdevelopment of resources.

"Dunoon Dam is costly and unnecessary.

"Other options such as conservation through education and management of water wastage, recycling, efficiency and leak and pressure management would negate the need for a 50Gl dam and create local jobs."

Mr Kotis said investment in public education and management of water consumption and wastage would create an opportunity for meaningful progress in all facets of environmental and cultural protection.

"Damage to the natural environment caused by the proposed Dunoon Dam including the destruction of remnant Big Scrub rainforest and protected species habitat also compel alternative solutions," he said.

"Sustainable Australia Party prioritises ecological sustainability, not only for the health and wellbeing of the humans and biodiversity within it, but for its own intrinsic worth," Mr Kotis added.

Mr Kotis said the Sustainable Australia Party had recently formed its Northern Rivers branch and will contest next year's local elections in the region.