CORONAVIRUS: Cruise couple under police escort

ULMARRA couple John and Di Leask have finally left the Vasco da Gama cruise liner after weeks of unrest amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Passengers on board the ship, which has been waiting to dock at Fremantle, WA since Friday, have been anxiously awaiting a quarantine outcome after spending weeks on board the virus-free ship.

In an interviw with The Daily Examiner last week, Mrs Leask said the original plan was to transfer all passengers directly to the airport under the direction of Western Australian authorities.

"Then all of a sudden, 24-hours later, you had 600 people scramble to cancel flights when the (WA) premier made a backflip," she said.

Passengers and crew were required to stay on board the ship for a further three days before it was finally allowed to dock at Fremantle on Monday to begin the process of transferring everyone to the mainland.

According to a recent post on Mr Leask's social media page, passengers were given a full police escort to a hotel in Perth on Monday night where they will spend the next two weeks in quarantine.

"There were at least 40 police at the dock plus their full-blown mobile command centre," Mr Leask wrote.

"Our trip is a full police escort through all lights. Two patrol cars out the front, five buses and three Army trucks and soldiers with all our luggage on-board. Then another two patrol cars up the rear. All with lights ablaze. In the dark, it's really amazing view."