THE United Nations' latest food recommendations have put a whole new spin on the term "eating some grub".

The latest report has suggested westerners should start considering bugs, beetles and other creepy crawlies as part of their daily diet.

Maya Harrison points out a St Andrew's cross spider.
Maya Harrison points out a St Andrew's cross spider. Lee Constable

The authors of the study say insects are an environmentally-friendly food source that can also help cut western obesity rates.

But deciding to throw a couple of caterpillars on your next barbie is not something Maya Harrison, Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens visitors' services officer, would recommend.

While insects may be a delicacy in Africa and Asia, Ms Harrison said here they could be hard to swallow.

"In Australia, witchetty grubs have long been traditional bush tucker," she said, but warned that without knowing how to prepare bush food you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

Insects should also be respected, with many performing vital roles in the pollination of plants, she said.

"Certainly observe them but be aware that a creature - if you're going to poke it or try to catch it - it's more than likely going to try and protect itself. So if it's a biter or stinger it might do that to you."

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