CSG whistle-blower testifies behind closed doors at inquiry

A COAL seam gas whistle-blower forced to give her testimony in private at the inquiry into the Queensland Government.

Simone Marsh has previously claimed in the media she was forced to rush through CSG approvals in western Queensland.

She made the claims behind closed doors on Friday despite being ready to testify in public.

Liberal Senator Ian MacDonald said Ms Marsh made unsubstantiated claims against individuals and it would be inappropriate hear them publicly.

Ms Marsh told the media she had been willing to testify in an open session, however, was told upon arrival it would be behind closed doors.

Her claims have previously been referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission which took no further action.

Speaking to media after the session, Ms Marsh said the CMC decided her claims were "outside their jurisdiction".

"I have gone to the CMC with environment and health matters and it took them seven months to tell us it was outside their jurisdiction," she said.

She said she believed the inquiry was worthwhile, however, said she was not able to go through all the documents she presented.

Mr Macdonald said the entire inquiry was a "wasted day".

"Unfortunately we can't talk about what one of the witnesses said," he said.

"Although some of the issues she raised do cast real doubt on the attitudes and actions of the previous Bligh government in Queensland."