'I need to s***': Why this unlucky dad copped a $1200 fine

YOU gotta feel for this guy, who laid a brick on the accelerator of his truck on Monday morning.

Western Australian police have booked an anonymous driver for speeding.

The driver, a father - that much we know, was recorded doing 97kms in a 60km/hour zone in a Kenworth truck. He was driving down the Great Northern Highway in Pithara, a small town three hours north of Perth in the wheatbelt region at the time.

In WA, going 37kms over the limit will get you a $1200 fine and 12 demerit points.

Dalwallinu Police shared a photo of the official record on their Twitter account, and revealed the reason the dad gave for his offence.

"I needed to shit, kids have given me gastro," the attending constable recorded.


Surely this dad deserves a break from the hand of justice, but it would seem there was no pinching this one off. Better luck next time, dad.