Daniel Germany has received a national safety award for his work with Essential Energy.
Daniel Germany has received a national safety award for his work with Essential Energy. Scott Powick

Daniel sends them home safe

A TWEED Heads Essential Energy employee has won the highest Australian safety accolade in his industry at the National Safe Work Awards.

After more than 22 years in the industry, Daniel Germany has finally received the recognition he deserves winning the Best Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety Award.

Mr Germany is responsible for ensuring the electricians working on power poles and fixing wires in trenches have the best safety standards available.

And he knows how important it is because he began his career with Essential Energy, formerly Country Energy, in those same situations.

“I make sure everything our workers use is safe and in compliance with legislation and ensure we have the best, latest, safest technology available,” Mr Germany said.

“We take the ideas from the guys in the field, the ones climbing the power poles, in the trenches, the ones working hard to restore your power.”

Mr Germany said the award reassured him the work he was doing was up to standard.

“To me this award is recognition that justifies what I've been doing,” he said.

“My boss will always pat me on the back, but getting the recognition of someone external to the company, that means something to me. It was an individual award, but without the help and support of everyone in the organisation we could never have achieved what we have.”

Essential Energy managing director Terri Benson said the national recognition was well-deserved.

“With 22 years industry experience, Daniel is one of our many professionals who show true dedication to keeping our crews safe by making sure they have the best tools and equipment to work with, after all, we all want to go home each night safe.”