Dave Hughes getting examined by a surgeon.
Dave Hughes getting examined by a surgeon.

Hughesy to get ‘man-boobs’ removed

DAVE Hughes might be going under the knife to get rid of his man-boobs.

The comedian explained on the Hit Network's Hughesy and Kate show that he's self-conscious about his chest and often gets teased about having man-boobs.

"When I do put photos up on Instagram, depending on the angle and what I'm wearing, I do get man boob comments quite often," Hughes said. "And they're hurtful, I won't deny it."

And it's not just strangers who make jokes about them.

"When I was in the pool in Japan my seven-year-old daughter said, 'Dad, you've got boobs!'"

The Bachelor host, Osher Gunsberg, joined Hughesy and Kate on air earlier in the week and revealed that he had man-boobs but got them removed.

"I had a condition called Gynecomastia which is where your body gets a little bit confused and around puberty starts growing breast tissue," Gunsberg said.

"In most people it goes away but for me it was pretty pronounced. My mum took great pity on me and shipped me off to a surgeon and we whipped them out."

To see whether or not he should do the same and get them "whipped out", Hughes invited Dermatological surgeon Dr Daniel Lanzer into the studio who examined the comedian's chest.

"Hughesy does not have severe Gynecomastia but it's moderate," the surgeon said after the examination. "When he leans forward it actually looks a bit worse."

Dr Lanzer encouraged Hughes to go ahead with the procedure to remove the man-boobs which only takes an hour.

"It's gonna change his life, it's gonna make his kids happier, do it," the surgeon suggested.

Hughes said, "I'll take that under advisement but it's looking like that's the way I'll go".

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