David Cameron announces counter-terrorism laws in Australia

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron seems to be on the same page as Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Russia, the Islamic State and the global economy.

Mr Cameron used his speech to parliament in Canberra on Friday to announce the United Kingdom's new counter-terrorism laws.

Much of the UK's "foreign fighters" laws are similar to Australia's controversially passed legislation.

The British laws will not allow foreign fighters to return to the UK unless they submit to an investigation into their overseas activities.

Mr Cameron also used the speech to promote UK business, and its recovery from the global financial crisis, saying the nation had returned to 3% growth.

He also said he hoped to use the G20 to take more action on tax avoidance "so that big companies pay the tax bills they should".

However, after Mr Abbott first said climate change should not be on the G20 agenda, he said it could be discussed.

His comments come after criticism of the government's direct action plan, which seems unlikely to succeed in its aim to reduce emissions by 5% by 2020.

Mr Cameron further said while he was yet to see the details of the United States-China emissions deal reached this week, he believed all countries should be taking action.