Wild deer are being targeted by the Noosa Council.
Wild deer are being targeted by the Noosa Council.

‘Deer oh deer’ as horns lock with a wild road hazard

WILD fire is not the only danger for our hinterland dwellers - feral deer can still leave a damaging mark as Noosa Council works to cull the introduced menace.

The severity of deer as a traffic hazard has again been raised in council as Councillor Frank Pardon praised the efforts of council's pest hunter who also targets wild dog and foxes.

Cr Pardon said he was a very effective worker who "cops a hiding from all sides".

This specialist has removed 51 deer in recent times.

"There's a long time since I've heard of an accident (involving deer) on the Cooroy-Noosa Rd," Cr Pardon said.

Cr Pardon: "I was behind a bloke who hit a deer up there one night and it's not a pretty site.

"They do make a mess of your car."

Mayor Tony Wellington who lives in the Tinbeerwah region, begged to differ, saying her "came across three deer a week ago in the headlights".

Council has now completed the first quarter of its biosecurity surveillance program in Cooroy, Cooroy Mountain and Tinbeerwah areas.

As well the second round of the twice-yearly 1080 baiting wild dog control program has taken place in Federal, Ridgewood, Kin Kin, Como and Cootharaba on private and public land.

Council has also undertaken fox control den detection and fumigation using sniffer dogs to detect their bolt holes.

Meanwhile, Cr Brian Stockwell wants to the potential impacts of climate change facilitating the increase in invasive species written into Noosa's draft biosecurity plan before it goes out for public comment.

"I'm not happy with how little we discuss climate change and its impacts on biosecurity," Cr Stockwell said.

"The science it well and truly out there," he said.

Cr Stockwell was also concerned about the need for control in "high tourism" areas with high ecological values that were being invaded by low level weeds.

He said walking though Noosa National Park he has seen "a whole lot of areas" where the vegetation understoreys have been invaded.

The draft biosecurity plan has been referred to Monday's general committee meeting.