Dr Antonio Vega Vega
Dr Antonio Vega Vega

Doctor accused of removing wrong kidney moves to clear name

A ROCKHAMPTON urologist has taken his fight to clear his name to one of the state's highest courts.

Dr Antonio Vega Vega hit the headlines last year following allegations he removed the wrong kidney from a patient during a complicated surgical procedure at Rockhampton Hospital.

The Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board subsequently stood Dr Vega Vega down and launched a series of investigations into operations he had performed.

He claims those investigations were biased and did not allow natural justice to take its course.

Dr Vega Vega's barrister Stephen Keim told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday key to the case were two reports that investigators had produced.

He said the witness list of people spoken to surrounding the investigation was never made available to Dr Vega Vega or his legal team.

"The applicant (Dr Vega Vega) seeks to have those reports quashed because of a biased way in which they were compiled," he said.

"We believe there has been a breach of procedural fairness, especially in relation to not making any of the 57 witness statements available to us.

"When we were finally given the list of witnesses, the names had been redacted."

Mr Keim said there was at least one doctor who was prepared to give favourable evidence towards Dr Vega Vega's surgical ability who was not even interviewed.

He said this added to Dr Vega Vega's claim of bias against him.

"We claim we have been severely disadvantaged by this, in that it did not allow natural justice to occur," he said.

"The investigators ignored correspondence sent to them in September last year and just proceeded to investigate Dr Vega Vega and simply hand down their report.

"Ignoring and rejecting evidence without providing any reason is conduct that shows a level of bias towards my client."

The hearing before Justice Ann Lyons continues.