Doctor accused of removing wrong kidney appeals

THE doctor who allegedly removed the wrong kidney from a Rockhampton patient has launched an appeal to reinstate his medical licence.

Dr Antonio Vega Vega had his matter heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Thursday following a number of procedural matters earlier in the week.

Dr Vega Vega's legal representative told the court the Queensland Medical Board had received defence documents on Wednesday night ahead of the court date.

He said the documents included two expert reports from urologists as well as five other testimonials from his Rockhampton colleagues, including GPs and other specialists.

Dr Antonio Vega Vega was stood down from his role at Rockhampton Hospital on April 29 after allegedly botching four surgeries.

This included removing a healthy kidney, misdiagnosing a twisted testicle which held to its removal, nicking an artery which lost three litres of blood and wrongly inserting a stent.

Dr Vega Vega's license was suspended after the initial allegations were made in April, but this was revoked after he submitted an undertaking not to practice.

The appeal is set down for a hearing in QCAT on June 23.